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VPN Unlimited, можливо, не є однією з найвідоміших VPN мереж, але завдяки мережі, що налічує 400 серверів по всій земній кулі та можливістю одночасного використання 5 пристроїв для одного облікового запису, можливо, ви захочете розглянути її. VPN Unlimited отримує 4.4 бали за доступні ціни, які починаються від $ 2.78/місяць

Apr 24, 2019
VPN Unlimited Користувацькі відгуки
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Been using it for couple of years. I have an unlimited plan.

Bought the VPN Unlimited lifetime plan with some big discount. At first I thought that there's nothing to loose with a proposed price and it is always good to have a spare VPN at hand when needed. But I was really surprised about the service. Connection speeds, user support (although I don't need much of it but used it couple of times), choice of server's location. Everything is good and better than average VPN providers. I have tried a lot of them like CyberGhoust, BlackVPN, ibVPN (this one is good too), NordVPN. To my humble opinion VPN Unlimited is one of the best! I use several slots on different devices (mobile phone, PC, router, pfSense) and they can work for months without the need of rebooting and connection losing. The privacy concerns? Well, there are no VPN providers that will keep your data safe if they have a warrant. I'm absolutely sure that EVERY VPN provider keeps all the logs of all your connections. So you can't get 100% privacy while using bought VPN. You just have to keep that in mind. With time VPN Unlimited dramatically improves their application with new features added. So I can't say anything bad about that company.

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Ти знав? Ми схвалюємо всі відгуки користувачів. Компанії не можуть платити за розміщення або вилучення будь-яких відгуків.

    VPN Unlimited Support
    Кві 24, 2019
    VPN Unlimited

    We appreciate your positive review, thanks for such detailed description and comparison. Note that all privacy concerns may be clarified due to the fact our logging policy is completely described here: keepsolid.com/privacy Have a great time using VPN Unlimited!

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    Sharon Cheah
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    Turning on VPN for mobile banking

    hi, i switched on VPN Unlimited in my mobile before proceeding to launch my mobile banking app, thinking (correctly or not?) that should make mobile banking more secure. However, the bank blocked it and said "the area I was in" was compromised or blacklisted... and also that the vpn I'm using is "unsecure". Please enlighten? I chose Singapore, but apparently, the bank said i was logged in at Canada!

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      VPN Unlimited Support
      VPN Unlimited

      Yes, connecting to our servers will make your mobile banking more secure. Looks like your online banking detected the attempt to pay from an unusual location for your account and recognized such action as suspicious. Our Singapore server is located in Singapore, but it may be recognized incorrectly by some not renewed databases. You can check if you are connected correctly this way: 1. Connect to one of our country servers. 2. Go to iplocation.net or any similar service via Incognito mode of your browser, scroll down to the table with the results. If it shows you the location of the server you connected to - your VPN-connection is successfully established, your traffic is protected and encrypted.

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      I guess it's working, but...

      I have had a problem with eavesdroppers since about 2003. Everything I do on the Internet and even offline seems to be common knowledge to people with whom I work and also casual acquaintances (you would not believe the word-for-word random details they know about what's on my computer!). I've been using VPN Unlimited for a few years but it doesn't seem to stop them from successfully eavesdropping on what I do online or offline. I've had my computer checked for viruses, keystroke loggers, and malware on a few occasions but it always comes up clean. What do you think the problem might be?

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        Порівняйте VPN Unlimited з найпопулярнішими альтернативними VPN

        Характеристики Деталі
        Кількість країн з розміщеними серверами 70
        Кількість серверів 400
        Кількість IP-адрес 400
        Чи VPN-провайдер зберігає дані користувачів? Ні
        Чи пропонує VPN-провайдер функцію автоматичного відключення " kill switch"? Ні
        Кількість пристроїв для одного облікового запису 5
        Ціни 4.4 / 5.0
        3 Years
        $ 2.78 /місяць
        $ 5.00 /місяць
        Детальний відгук експерта
        Алекс (Шурф) Френкель
        (Колишній хакер та оглядач технологій)

        Відгук на цю підкатегорію VPN ще недоступний для даного постачальника послуг VPN. Якщо ви вважаєте, що вони пропонують гарне рішення, додайте свій відгук як користувач, і ми обов'язково дамо відповідь детальним відгуком експерта

        Гарантія повернення грошей (днів): 7
        Мобільний додаток:
        Кількість пристроїв для одного облікового запису: 5
        VPN план: www.vpnunlimitedapp.com
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