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Огляд цього VPN-сервісу ще не написано. Якщо ви бажаєте поділитися своїми враженнями та досвідом роботи з цим VPN-провайдером, будь ласка, додайте ваш відгук в якості користувача. Незабаром, ми надамо деталізований огляд експерта, як ми робили це із найпопулярнішими VPN, такими як ExpressVPN та NordVPN. Ви можете ознайомитися із нашим списком найпопулярніших VPN 2021.

Характеристики Деталі
Кількість країн з розміщеними серверами 30
Кількість серверів 30
Кількість IP-адрес 30
Чи VPN-провайдер зберігає дані користувачів? Ні
Чи пропонує VPN-провайдер функцію автоматичного відключення " kill switch"? Ні
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Rick James
Mediocre VPN - 4
Rick James -
Січ 17, 2021

Norton Secure VPN is mediocre when it comes to a VPN service, I only got it since it came in a security bundle I purchased so I'm not too bothered about it. The VPN does not allow torrenting and immediately shuts off preventing this. It also lacks any automated starting system, so you will have to turn it on manually every single time you want to use it. Despite this, the VPN itself does not slow speeds and has a variety of regions.
Excellent especially with locations and bundled - 10 -
Лист 6, 2020

Install. Done. No muss, no fuss. It checks your WiFi and if it is secure it does not use the VPN so no speed hassles and streaming works perfectly. The author must be streaming on the move with Netflix. So turn off the vpn (a few swipes) and done. He may be right about privacy freaks not liking. I tried several top VPNs and ... nobody knew my location, and especially Google in Safari (iOS iPone). Locations randomly changed! This is a major hassles for navigation and search. On many products I could check "allow location" and they worked. No longer private. Google never worked. Norton always allows my correct location which I value. Location spoofing is not my thing. So author's minuses are plusses for me. Also get million dollar LifeLock coverage with bundle and works on PC and Desktop Apple and iPad and iPhone and Android and ... for less hassle and bundling advantages and portability you can't beat this. Privacy and on the move streaming (not important to me considering the downsides) author has a point. What do you value?

Brian Hartley
Norton VPN now uses Amazon VPN Servers - 2
Brian Hartley

Norton VPN was better in my opinion when it used Surfeasy as the provider of their VPN service but was back in the day before Symantec sold off the consumer part of business as NortonLifelock.Guess Symantec business enterprise users have a much better VPN. Still, its early days with the now new Nortionlifelock consumer offering of their VPN now switched seemingly very quietly from Surfeasy to Amazon, and they no surprises or any issues of not being recognized at to your true country when using Norton VPN. Nortonlifelock appears to have lost the credibility and trustworthiness that Norton had amongst their user base with many years of dedication to the Symantec Norton brand when owned by Symantec. We are watching, the Jury is out.

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