Hotspot Shield VPN Огляд (2021) - Занадто "дешева", щоб працювати?

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Огляд цього VPN-сервісу ще не написано. Якщо ви бажаєте поділитися своїми враженнями та досвідом роботи з цим VPN-провайдером, будь ласка, додайте ваш відгук в якості користувача. Незабаром, ми надамо деталізований огляд експерта, як ми робили це із найпопулярнішими VPN, такими як ExpressVPN та NordVPN. Ви можете ознайомитися із нашим списком найпопулярніших VPN 2021.

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Чи VPN-провайдер зберігає дані користувачів? Частково
Чи пропонує VPN-провайдер функцію автоматичного відключення " kill switch"? Так
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Hotspot Shield Користувацькі відгуки

Заснований на 323 відгуки на 16 мови
One of the worst VPN - 2
Edward -
Січ 12, 2021

I bought the premium version for better speed but it didn't improve at all. I contacted the support team but it wasn't helpful at all. It disconnects suddenly and the kill switch isn't very good. The MAC version is worse than the Windows version. Not recommended at all.

Don't download the free version - 2
Aja -
Груд 22, 2020

The free version left malware on my computer which interfered with windscribe (problem-free; free VPN); took forever to uninstall the program: many restarts were required. Took a long time to get windscribe working again.

Tons of Issues - 2
Julian -
Лист 17, 2020

My experience with this VPN was great at first, but now I'm having tons of issues. I am unable to access any torrenting sites while the VPN is running, but I am able to access these sites using any other VPN. The VPN has also grown slowly over time. It started out very fast but now it slows down my browsing to the point where it is almost unusable. I have been in contact with customer support since I am paying for premium and it has been a very slow process getting any actual help. Customer support is asking me for silly things like confirming that the VPN is actually masking my IP address. Why should they be worried about this if their service is reliable? I've been going back and forth with them for two weeks now with no real progress made at all. I have made more progress troubleshooting the issue myself online. And on top of all that, I received a notice from my ISP that torrenting activity was detected on my network. I haven't used any torrenting service without running the VPN. This makes me think the VPN actually may not be working at all. I'm surprised that more people haven't had experiences like mine.

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