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Кількість країн з розміщеними серверами 49
Кількість серверів 327
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Гарантія повернення грошей (днів) : 7
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Кількість пристроїв для одного облікового запису : 10
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Astrill VPN Користувацькі відгуки
Січ 10, 2020
  •  5
Excellent All Round

Very robust VPN, the only real choice for China. A little on the costly side but the only one which has consistently worked well over the years. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending, especially for anyone looking for a reliable VPN for China.

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    No problems in China for now

    I have been using this in China for 3 months now and never had a problem. During national week, when the government always tightens the security of the great f-wall, astrill was the only one between astrill, express and nord that didn't fail or was unstable. For the time being, it's working like a charm while my friends using express are constantly facing connectivity issues.

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      Not as good as it used to be

      Astrill has been a reliable VPN in China for years. When people had issues with Express and other cheaper options, I almost took pleasure in knowing I have little to no issues with mine. Unfortunately, it all changed recently and Astrill is not what is used to be: it barely works on my phone (you can find free VPN with equal "quality") and I constantly keep changing servers on my computer to get a reliable connection. Astrill is well-aware of the issue and they apply a completely wrong approach: they deny issues, block public complaints on their facebook page, do not offer any option of money return and basically just keep giving you basic suggestions to refresh, restart, reinstall, change options, etc. Basically, they make a fool out of you while they are perfectly aware that the service they offer is not good anymore. They have been unresponsive to some of my friends too. On top of it, they are the most expensive VPN by far. Avoid.

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